How does the pricing work?

Our pricing model is simple and transparent:

Base Cost:$0.50 per response
Demographic Targeting:$0.45 per response per filter

You'll need to fund your account by prepaying an amount of your choice. Once your account is funded, you can create and distribute surveys.

For example, to collect 100 responses for your survey without any demographic targeting, the total cost would be $50.00 (100 x $0.50). However, if you applied two demographic filters (e.g., age and location) to the same survey, the cost for each response would be $1.40 ($0.50 base cost + $0.45 x 2 filters), resulting in a total cost of $140.00 for 100 responses.

If a study is stopped early before participants have responded, then any remaining charges will be refunded to your account.

With our flexible pricing model, you can tailor your survey campaigns to fit your budget and target audience.

Estimate Prepaid Costs

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